Teaching Staff Mr D Fox (Subject Leader)
Ms A Reeves
Ms Hussain
Mr M Maguire
Year 7 students will study A History of Religion

Religion and the Environment

Poverty, inequality and charity

Year 8 students will study Beliefs and practices of Sikhism

The origins of the universe

The role of Religion in Families and Relationships

Year 9 students will study Human rights and social justice

Beliefs and practices

Crime and punishment

Year 10 students will study Peace and conflict


Crime and punishment


Year 11 students will study Religion, life and medicine


Human Rights and social justice


You will be assessed by At the end of each unit you will take an assessment of 5 questions. These questions will be worth 1,2,4,5 and 12 marks. At the end of each year up to yr 10 you will complete a mock exam. In yr 11 you will complete 2 mock exams at different points in the year.

In yr 11 you will complete two fully accredited GCSE exams. One exam will be on the Themes (e.g Peace and Conflict) section of our study the other exam will be on Beliefs and Practices.

Extra-curricular opportunities Debate Mate: a club which enhances your debating skills as well as your evaluation skills in literacy based subjects such as RE, English and History.


Ethflix: watch, discuss and rate ethical movies which make you think and enhance your ‘RE answers with extra knowledge of people and events found in the GCSE specification.


Boosters: yr 11 GCSE boosters held every second Wednesday, week B.

Examination board AQA Specification A