Teaching Staff

Subject Leader: Mr D Fox
Mr M Maguire
Miss E Kane
Miss C Scaling
Ms S Hussain
Mr S Rice

Curriculum Intent 

Religious Education is at the heart of the curriculum at St Francis of Assisi. The intention of the RE curriculum is to open student’s minds, encouraging them to not only answer the big questions in life but to also question the answers. Religious education is important because, like every other subject, it provides a particular set of materials through which pupils come to understand important things about the world, and themselves. The RE curriculum explores beliefs, ideas and practices which have shaped and continue to shape our world. The word religion has its roots in the Latin ‘to bind’. It is our intention that teaching about diverse sacred texts, practices, literature, stories, art and practices, bind together our school and wider community. We do this by exploring commonalities between beliefs as well as respectfully exploring differences in opinions. We develop students reading and writing skills by reading various sacred texts, scripture and stories, as well as interpreting and analysing the meaning behind scared writings. Intertwined in the curriculum are the implementation of several debating techniques which are utilised by teachers to facilitate the development of student’s speaking and listening skills. 

Our core purpose is to ensure all students leave our course of study with a broad knowledge of world religions as well as being fully informed of the theological, philosophical and moral issues that dominate modern debate and discourse. Our inclusive curriculum ensures all students will become equipped with the necessary skills to analyse and evaluate religious beliefs, applying these to past and modern-day issues. The RE curriculum will develop student’s ability to come to sound, reasoned and informed judgements on various topics. Through the enhancement of student’s social, moral, spiritual and cultural development we intend to develop students into more tolerant, informed and well-rounded members of our diverse community. 

Withdrawal from Religious Education

Parents/carers may withdraw their child from all, or part of, Religious Education. Teachers can also exercise their right to withdraw from teaching the subject. However, we are confident that all parents and teachers will be satisfied with the broad and inclusive R.E curriculum being taught at the Academy. A parent who has concern about the provision of Religious Education or collective worship should, in the first instance, contact the Head of Religious Education.