Teaching Staff

Mr A Bunting
Mr J Drane
Miss H Ely Baylon
Mrs A  Carlisle
Mr A Dixon
Miss G Smith
Mr J Crawford

The intention of the Science curriculum is to continually develop a student’s substantive and disciplinary knowledge. Throughout our 5-year curriculum students will learn to appreciate the vital role that science plays in developing sustainability, inclusivity, and equitability in our global society. During this curriculum journey for science, students will: 

  • Develop a deep knowledge of scientific concepts, phenomena, and processes, and be able to apply this knowledge to new situations. 
  • Be encouraged and supported in the development of scientific thinking; experimental skills and strategies; and how to analyse and evaluate scientific data.  
  • Reflect on the social, moral, cultural, and spiritual impact science has on the world and expand their cultural capital experiences within science. 
  • Contribute towards a positive learning environment through respect, resilience, effective communication, and collaborative practice.  
  • Be inspired to make science their chosen educational pathway and their future post education career.  

Our curriculum deepens knowledge and enhances skills. Literacy, oracy and vocabulary are embedded throughout, and resilience, confidence, and independence nurtured in a positive learning climate. Challenge and stretch activities are evidenced whilst ensuring the needs of learners, including SEN, EAL and disadvantaged are supported.