Teaching Staff

Subject Leader: James Macauley  
Mrs D Roscetti 
Ms J Leech/Headteacher 
Mrs C Singleton/Senior Deputy Headteacher

Curriculum Intent: 

The intention of the History curriculum is to ensure pupils gain a coherent understanding of the narrative of British History and that of the wider world over the past millennia and to gain disciplinary knowledge through the study of the historian’s craft. Pupils will also gain an understanding of the vital role history plays in modern society through the study of political, social, economic, cultural and technological changes that have shaped the modern world.   
Over the 5 year curriculum pupils will:  

  1. Develop secure knowledge and understanding of key events in world history and understand how these events are linked in the context of a greater overall narrative 
  2. Develop disciplinary knowledge of cause and consequence, historical significance, the use of primary source material, an appreciation of interpretation and an understanding of continuity and change 
  3. Study an academically challenging and diverse curriculum that encourages debate, analysis, evaluation and the development of academic writing.  
  4. Reflect on the ethical dimensions of the content of the curriculum. In doing so pupils gain a greater understanding and empathy of how the lived experiences of those in the past impacted the present.  
  5. Through opportunities for expanding their cultural capital, pupils will be encouraged and inspired to continue studying history as their chosen educational pathway and to utilise the skills learned in their post education career.