Teaching Staff

Subject Leader: Mrs L Boden

Mrs J Haig


Curriculum Intent

Business Studies is a rich and varied subject that helps to prepare students for all aspects of working life. As a department we educate students about the world of business and how it plays a pivotal role in many areas of their future employment within society. We want our students to develop a rooted understanding of how businesses function, and we utilise a range of teaching strategies to ensure that they are able to engage with the curriculum content and learn about the wider world of work. We develop pupils to be able to work independently and confidently in a range of areas within the Business Studies curriculum, ensuring that they gain insight and understanding of finance, HR, marketing and organisational structures.   The Business Studies curriculum allows pupils to develop their love of business studies by giving them the opportunities to explore local industry case studies which enhance their wider understanding and enable them to be more analytical of business concepts and how they influence the success and failure of businesses globally. Thus leading them to become more successful as they transition to their next stages of education and employment in the future.   

The Business Studies curriculum builds on the foundations of knowledge acquired through a range of academic disciplines including mathematics, science, geography and art. Students are encouraged to further develop their cross curricular skills from Key Stage 3 to give them the confidence to take risks in order to becomes innovative and enterprising citizens within their Key Stage 4 learning journeys. We embed high quality literacy skills into lessons through the development of a range of analysis, evaluation and justification techniques to ensure that students are able to articulate their thoughts on a range of topical events and scenarios.  We thrive to provide opportunities which allow students to develop a knowledge of a range of business terms, understanding and knowledge. Students will grow in confidence through dedicated teaching environments, the latest ICT equipment and software, and specialist teaching. For example, pupils develop their understanding of organisational structures and gain the ability to apply this knowledge to a range of real world business scenarios. This is then used as a platform to expand the pupil’s knowledge, understanding and skills as they progress through Four and into further Post 16 education.  

We believe that Business Studies underpins all areas of future life skills and the world of work. We ensure all pupils receive the same academic diet for curriculum content delivered using different strategies such as modelling and scaffolding, so all pupils can access lesson content and in turn make progress.  We use a variety of adaptive teaching methods to engage students and to set high standards, so pupils have high aspirations and take pride in their contributions to lessons. The curriculum has been developed to ensure it is accessible to all pupils and can be adapted to allow pupils to thrive regardless of their starting point.  Our vision is to provide quality business education to equip students to use organisational and holistic thinking and creativity to understand and change the world. Whilst at the same time improving their spiritual, social, moral and cultural understanding to develop confidence in their own financial and economic understanding so that they contribute positively to the life of the school, to their local community, and to the wider environment.  

Within the Business Studies department, we engage with a range of local employers, so pupils can see how what they learn in class is used within the wider Business and Finance sectors of society. We also use carefully designed scenarios that are linked within our local area, enhancing pupils, especially who are new to country, their experiences of Liverpool. We expose pupils to real world events, within the field of Business Studies so that have a wider understanding of the developments within the global economy and how business is impacted by a range of factors within society.