Teaching Staff

Mrs J Haig  
Mrs L Boden 

Our Business Studies curriculum prepares our students for the modern fast paced world that we live in today. Our GCSE course is innovative and challenging for our students. It will inspire and encourage them to develop their business knowledge and point them in the right direction to further study Business Studies at Level 3.  

The course gives students the opportunities to master skills that they can use in further education and employment, including cross curricular skills that will help them in the other subjects that they study. 

  • Finance tasks give clear links with Maths. Including basic calculations, calculating percentages, and interpreting figures before making judgements and decisions. 
  • Students are required to use analysis and evaluation skills throughout the course and are introduced to new tier 3 terminology. Students are expected to write longer answers for scenario-based exam questions which enhances their ability to develop points that they make. Speaking and listening tasks such as presentations and in class discussions regarding current business matters, all contribute to improving literacy and oracy skills. 

Students will be given the opportunity to attend exciting international trips and visits, to explore and develop their understanding of how large organisations work. They will be introduced to local business owners to develop their understanding of topics covered such as Business Planning and Marketing. They will develop the skills to be able to confidently explain how small and medium sized organisations use budgets and cash flow, employees, and marketing; contributing to the culture capital that the course lends itself to.