In support of the Academy’s mission, the Academy is committed to the development of confident, independent and responsible students who are emotionally and spiritually strong, welcoming and tolerant of all cultures and communities and committed to the stewardship of the environment.

Our Academy Values





Peace & Reconciliation


Phil Johnson
After working in pastoral roles in schools and within alternative education settings over many years, I accepted a position which allowed me to support two chaplains at a school in Warrington. This helped me decide that Chaplaincy was my best fit in terms of a vocation. I was appointed as Chaplain here at ASFA and the last seven years have been the most fulfilling part of my working life.

Our Values
I think our Values are strongly rooted in the Christian context, however – they are accessible to everyone from any culture or background, even in our diverse academy. When staff and students take ownership of our values and live them out, we are a much happier community. We have so much to celebrate in our diversity and through respect for each and every member of our community.

Our academy ethos makes kindness and respect attractive and puts a spotlight on those who want to be a part of Chaplaincy activities. As Chaplain I have always resisted creating an exclusive group, it is far more rewarding for students to find easy access to taking part in projects depending on their own interests. For this reason, diverse chaplaincy projects and other projects in the academy are populated by students who are keen to be involved in a particular cause or style of activity; such as musical performances, charity support/ community projects, quiet space/reflections, drama and games clubs.

We give regular clothing donations to Asylum Link through staff and student donations. This sits alongside our School of Sanctuary support network and also our Refugee Week Assemblies which involve our refugee students sharing their stories and experiences to their peers. We have a physical Charity Corner with seasonal displays, which helps us to focus on certain charities during particular term times. We have a large coin collector for various charities in our community, this makes giving accessible as every penny counts. We have staged concerts, cake sales and special assemblies to raise awareness and funds for charitable causes such as Macmillan Cancer Care and Marie Curie too.

As a joint denomination academy, we have strong working partnerships with All Saints Church Kensington (Church of England), and St Michael’s Catholic Church. We have worked together strategically in relation to Youth events/ projects and in support of unity and prayer in the community. In partnership with the Liverpool ‘Nugent’ Charity and ‘The Cathedral of Christ the King Liverpool’, we have been involved in leading sung worship and leading collective worship celebrations. We have taken part in tours and educational activities in the ‘Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. As part of our Year 7 transition we have Ethos days at Bethel Church with all new year 7 students. We host whole school academy collective worship assemblies to celebrate St. Francis Feast day, Easter and Christmas attended by: School Governors local youth pastors and local ministers. For over 10 years; Pre-Covid19 and hopefully returning this year will be our special Christmas Community Celebration which we co-host with a Merseyside Polonia, The Chinese Church in Liverpool, All Saints Church Kensington and Alive believers Congolese

Mission Statement

Success for all

Our Vision

A diverse learning community, that enables all our individuals to achieve

Our Ethos

Our distinct Christian ethos underpins every aspect of Academy life at St Francis of Assisi. It is an ethos which is felt, lived and experienced by all. The everyday life of our Academy is firmly rooted in five unique key values, based on the Gospel message which provides hope for all. Students and staff are encouraged to put these values of respect, care, compassion, peace and reconciliation into action on a daily basis – in their words, attitudes and actions, as well as in the classroom corridor and community.

Collective worship is at the heart of daily life in the Academy. Students engage in daily acts of worship and prayer, in form time and during year group assemblies. As noted by Ofsted inspectors, who found the effectiveness of the provision for Collective Worship at the Academy to be outstanding, we involve as many of the community as possible in the planning and presenting of worship. Our beautiful Chapel offers students and staff the opportunity to take time out for a moment of reflection, prayer and quiet time. All students have the opportunity to celebrate liturgical events as well as getting involved with a number of local, national and global charities.

Our Specialism

The Academy’s unique specialism is sustainable development and the environment. Our commitment to sustainability can be seen throughout the school. We care about the energy and water we consume, the waste we produce, the food we serve, and the day-to-day difficulties faced by our own students. We take a keen interest in the people living in our community, as well as having numerous links with communities throughout the world.

It impacts on their learning, behavior, engagement and well being, enhancing the inclusive and caring nature of our Academy.

As a result of its cross curricular nature, it brings our students’ learning experiences together.

By modelling sustainable practices,students will gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes to actively contribute to a sustainable society in the future.

It allows our students to contribute to their community and family life.

It develops active participation and fosters citizenship for the world and its people.