Teaching Staff

Mrs J Haig
Mrs L Boden

Curriculum Intent: 

Our intention of the Computing curriculum is to allow students to develop their love of practical computing by collaborating, planning, analysing, and solving problems, guiding students to be e-confident. The curriculum will give students opportunities to use different pieces of industry used software to enhance their digital skills and become confident users of technology where skills can be transferred into other areas of life. 

We deliver a high quality, engaging curriculum, that equips students to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and be able to develop skills that could digitally change the world. Students are assessed throughout the units of work that they study to ensure there are no misconceptions and to promote progress.  

Computing is an integral part to a child’s education and everyday life. We intend to support our students to access and understand core principles of this subject through engagement and activities. Whilst we ensure they understand the advantages and disadvantages that are associated with online use, we want students to develop as respectful and responsible users of technology, aware of measure that can be taken to keep themselves and other safe online.  


The Computing department believe every student should be given the opportunity to see and experience how technology is used in real life. We run exciting extra-curricular trips to Disneyland Paris and London so students can relate the topics they learn as part of their curriculum, to how concepts and theory is used in the real world.  






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Year 11 Booster Information

Year 11 Boosters start on Monday 13th November. Please click the link below for the full timetable of session.

Year 11 Booster Timetable