Teaching Staff

Subject Leader: Mr M Maguire

All form tutors deliver PSHE as part of the curriculum

We provide our children with opportunities for them to learn about rights and responsibilities and appreciate what it means to be a member of a diverse society. We recognise that PSHCE is a crucial subject for the development of all children so that they can truly succeed in life. It links PSHCE will help our pupils cultivate lifelong virtues, aspirations, and knowledge of how to stay safe. This will include helping them to deal with critical issues they face every day such as friendships, emotional wellbeing, and change; giving them a solid foundation for whatever challenging opportunities lie ahead. During PSHCE lessons, children are encouraged to take part in debates ad discussions that can increase their self- confidence and critical thinking skills. This encourages pupils to engage with emotionally challenging topics and become more empathetic. The curriculum promotes reflection on how pupils may be affected by certain issues and empowers them to recognise when they need support or when they can offer to support others. 

The spiral curriculum is strategically designed to enable pupils to enhance their knowledge and understanding of topics they have learnt at each learning stage within the school environment. The curriculum addresses statutory topics, in line with government guidelines for Relationships and Sex Education. 

PSHCE lessons provide all pupils, regardless of their background, with opportunities to explore and reflect upon issues they may encounter through their life and develop a variety of strategies that can help them lead a successful, independent, and fulfilling life. The intention of the lessons is to help pupils to thrive as individuals, friends, family members and members of society who can respect themselves and others. Pupils can receive word mats for PSHCE that can give them valuable knowledge about each topic, that have been translated into multiple languages. 

As part of our coordinated PSHCE programme, pupils will also be engaged with workshops and assemblies and external organisations. This may involve opportunities of gaining knowledge about careers, gangs and crime, and extremism. The workshops are designed to improve awareness of how different people are affected by the same issues and how issues may affect people in different ways. We aim to encourage pupils to take an active role in promoting rights and responsibilities within the academy by using the knowledge that they have solidified during PSHCE lessons.