Teaching Staff

Subject Leader: Miss U Donnelley
Miss L Kelly

Curriculum Intent

The National Curriculum for Art and Design provides a broad and balanced starting point from which students can begin to explore the creative world around them. The essential skills, which students need to develop during this period are their ability to: 

  • Explore and Create 
  • Understand and Evaluate 

We aim to do this through encouraging students to view and explore the work of other artists and cultures, encourage creative expression through personal and guided projects, explore various materials and techniques, and produce artwork, which responds to direct observation as well as imagination. 

The Art Curriculum that is taught at the Academy of St Francis of Assisi has been designed to be accessible, inclusive, and meaningful to all. We believe that the Art Curriculum should enable students to become more confident in their ability to express their feelings, thoughts and ideas, to think creatively and to understand the visual world that they live in. Through guided and supported practical learning, and using engaging contextual sources students will become more confident and resilient in themselves and their practical ability. Learners will also improve their ability to make connections; connections with themselves, with others, the past, the present and with the wider world.