Music is a universal language. It is everywhere. A love of music makes you part of one of the most diverse communities, that spans the entire planet. Most of all, it lets you be yourself.

Studying a GCSE in Music leads on from the work you have done at Key Stage 3, allowing you to develop your knowledge and skills to a deeper level. The course is mainly practical and is split into 3 components;
Performance (30%)You will improve your skills and confidence on at least one instrument of your choice, through access to weekly expert tuition, independent practice and guided rehearsal time in class.
There are a variety of extra-curricular activities on offer, where you can work with others to develop polished performances for school events, should you wish to be involved.
Composition (30%)
This component allows you to create original pieces of music in a variety of styles, to suit your own interests and abilities. There are opportunities to use both music technology and a wide variety of instruments, to develop a unique sound that represents your individual ideas.
Listening & Appraising (40%)

There is one exam at the end of Year 11 that consists of 8 questions. The exam is based on 4 Areas of Study; Musical Forms and Devices, Music for Ensemble, Film Music and Popular Music. The best bit, is that ¼ of the available marks are on pieces of music you have already studied in detail throughout the course. These are known as the prepared extracts and you will know exactly what to expect for those questions.

If you have a love of music and want to develop your creativity, confidence and character, we look forward to welcoming you onto this fun and diverse GCSE course and into the worldwide community of music.

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Year 7 Autumn Scheme of Learning

Year 10 Autumn Scheme of Learning

Year 11 Autumn Scheme of Learning