A guide to downloading Teams and Class Charts is HERE

A Powerpoint presentation about setting up teams and using it is available HERE

Below is a guide to using Teams - click on the videos to watch the "how to videos"

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Accessing your teams (classes) dashboard

Click on ‘Teams’ on the bottom toolbar. You should see the class code of every lesson you have on your timetable.

When you click into a team, you will be accessing a virtual classroom. In here, you can join live lessons, find, edit and submit assignments your teachers have set and ask your teacher a question.

To enter the class room, click ‘General’. This should then take you to a different screen

Joining a live lesson

Click on the class that you have a scheduled lesson for.  Along the top, click on ‘Posts’.

Your lesson should appear with a calendar icon next to it.  Click on this post.

Two options ‘Chat’ and ‘Details’ should appear. When you click Details, you should see the option to ‘Join’

You will have then entered your live lesson.

Asking a teacher a question/contributing using the lesson chat

Click once on the screen of your live lesson. You will see a speech bubble. Click on this to access the chat.

You will then be taken to a screen where you will be able to ask a question.

Your teacher may ask you to contribute to the lesson using the chat.

You will also be able to see what your class members are writing.

Accessing your assignments

Select the class you want to access and along the top you should see option such as Posts, Files and More.

Click ‘More’ and select ‘Assignments’

Click on the assignment your teacher wants you to complete. Click the document that is included in the assignment

Editing & Submitting your assignments

Once you have selected the assignment you want to complete, you will see a pen and paper icon in the corner of the screen.

To edit the document, click this icon. Your device will take you to the document where you can then edit it. (as long as you have downloaded the Word and PowerPoint app on your phone or tablet)

Once you press the ‘X’ to close the document, you will be able to submit this back to your teacher.

This automatically saves so there is no need to press save.

Accessing Microsoft Team from the Internet

Visit portal.office.com

Login to Microsoft 365 using your school email & password.

Once you see the icons on the left hand side, select the purple Teams Icon.

Select ‘Use Web App Version’


Click ‘Teams’ on the left hand side so you can have view of your classes or ‘Calendar’ if you want to join a live lesson.

Logging out of Microsoft Teams on the Internet

Along the top bar, click the circle that has your initials in it.

When the options appear, select ‘Sign Out’

This might take a couple of minutes and you should receive a notification that you are logged out of your Teams account.

If you have a sibling waiting to use their team account, they can now log in using their login details.

Adding an additional account on mobile or tablet Teams App

Open your Teams app and press the three lines at the top of the screen

Select ‘Add Account’ and click ‘Sign in with another account’

You can then login with another school email and password

If you're having a problem with Teams or Class Charts fill in the form below and click "Submit"