Guidance For Visitors
We have a leaflet for all visitors to read to inform them of our safeguarding practices.

It is available for download in 4 languages; EnglishRomanianPolish and Arabic.
Click on the link to download it.

Keeping Children Safe

We can all play a part in keeping children safe whilst working on or visiting the

academy site. This is whether you are directly employed by the academy, or

working as a contractor or sub-contractor, or a volunteer.

Keeping Ourselves Safe

We must also take steps to keep ourselves safe. Our actions can sometimes be

perceived in a way that was not intended. We want to promote safe working

practices for everyone on the academy site, whatever your role.

To keep yourself safe please follow these instructions:

Do …..

Do sign in and wear your lanyard/visitor’s badge  at all times.

Do be aware that verbal interaction with students may be interpreted by them as offensive or as harassment. Even if this was not your intention.

Do report any unacceptable behaviour from a student.

Do be aware that contact made outside of the academy environment as a result of you coming into contact with a student whilst you are on the academy site, may have an impact on your employment.

Do Not …..

Do not instigate verbal or physical contact with students (this applies both on and off site) unless it is appropriate and a part of an agreed reason for your visit.

Do not respond to verbal or physical contact from students. If this occurs, or you have any concerns about student behaviour, then report it to the member of academy staff who is working with you.

Do not give any personal information to any student, for example your name, address, telephone or mobile number, email address or personal websites.

Do not accept or respond to a student attempting to give you personal information, for example their name, address, telephone or mobile number, email address or personal websites.

Do not accept physical or verbal abuse from a student. DO NOT respond yourself, but report it immediately to a senior member of staff.

Do not be in an unsupervised one to one situation with a student.