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Staff Book of the Week

Chaplain Phil

The King of Copper Mountains – Paul Biegel

When and where did you read this book?
My English Teacher in Year 1, (Year 7 now) read it to my class. We had a book club at the time so I bought my own copy at the age of 11/12.
How many times have you read it?
I must have read it 5/6 times – It’s been a couple of years since I read it, so I’m due a re-read. I’d like to read it to my Grandchildren after lockdown.
Who or what introduced you to this book?
As a child in school, my English teacher Ms.Vaggers read the book to my class. Ms. Vaggers has a Gold VW Beetle, so I thought she was cool.
Can you give a brief outline of the book?
It’s as good (in my opinion as a junior ‘Lord of the Rings’ or any Narnia story. It was written by a multi book award winning Dutch author ‘Paul Biegel’ He was like the dutch Enid Blyton in terms of success. The story is about old King Mansolain who will die unless he gets a rare medicine brought to him. To keep his hearts beating whilst the medicine is found, all the creatures in his kingdom have to tell him exciting stories.
What made you choose this as your favourite book?
The King listens to many stories to keep his heart excited & beating, so there are stories within the story and a certain key story produces a real surprise at the end. It’s imaginative a bit scary & clever throughout.
Are there any other books by the author you would recommend?
He has written many but they are in Dutch, so I’d have to find English versions on Ebay… I’m sure they are very good.
What other books did you consider before choosing this one?
I really like the Hitch-Hikers guide to the Galaxy and all Douglas Adam’s books. Completing this show’s me what a Big Kid I am as I am most fond of my childhood books. I loved anything about TV or Film production as I was, am fascinated by behind the scenes information. DVD extras 🙂
What book(s) are you currently reading?
I have read ‘The Thursday Murder Club’ over Christmas by Richard Osman which was great fun and I’m currently reading ‘A Man called Ove’ recommended by ASFA staff. It is very funny & very sad too.