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St Francis’ Feast Day

Our whole school assembly celebration  focused on the Prayer of our patron saint, Francis. Students representing all year groups told our school community what the key words in our prayer, including: Peace, love, Forgiveness, Faith and Hope, meant to them. Music is always a big part of our assemblies and so to compliment these words, we were treated to performances of ‘More like you’ sung by Olivia Makin and Chaplain Phil  to express the meaning of Peace and ‘So will I’ performed by Oliva Makin and Olivia Williams to re-enforce how we can better understand God’s love. ‘For the one’ was performed by Laila Zindani to compliment Forgiveness and  ‘Titanium’ was performed by Eleanor Jones to reflect the strength of Faith. Mrs Cousineau gave us an insight into the life of our patron saint, revealing his passion for peace, creation and God’s love for all.

If you would like to hear ‘For the one’ performed by Laila Zindani and Chaplain Phil click HERE