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Refugee Week 2019

Our Academy marked Refugee Day 2019 with a wide range of activities for students in Year 8.

There were some challenging and emotional moments throughout the day which evoked respect and dignity from our students. Every class in the Academy spent Period 1 in a specially designed lesson that highlighted the plight of refugees around the world and in our local community with many students sharing their stories.

Year 8 spent the rest of the day in different sessions. The art department made badges, our cookery room produced amazing smells that filled the main corridor. We had lots of visitors in including the Lord mayor of Liverpool, parents and Governors and all attended a special lunch cooked by students under the guidance of Miss Thompson.

Period 5, June 20th 2019 is one that students and staff will not forget. Our guest for the day, Jean, introduced refugee students to the year group who, with incredible bravery, stood up and told their stories of coming to Liverpool. They were shown ultimate dignity and respect whilst they told stories of war, family loss and separation, unimaginable journeys through deserts and across borders and life in refugee camps. It was a truly moving experience.

From the feeling of great emotion and sadness Mr Bradley’s drumming groups and Jean’s singing turned the feeling in the assembly hall to one of rapture and joy. The event culminated in students and staff leaving the hall dancing and singing!

The day was organised by Miss Allen, Head of History, she said “Today has been wonderful. Our students are amazing. They have shown great courage to tackle the issues we’ve covered today.”