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Maths Party Day

Maths party day 20148 was a huge success with our own pupils and year 4 and 5s. Primary school children spent the day problem solving and recognising numeracy in their own lives whilst year 7,8,9 and 10 worked on separate tasks.

The Maths Department had Year 7s Design and Construct a Marble Run. There was a hive of activity with all pupils working as teams to produce the tallest and longest run!

History staff took Year 8s on a journey of Egyptian Maths, using their number system to solve questions and even attempted a scale model of The Great Pyramid. The RE Department investigated symmetry with religious symbols and MFL explored translation of numbers as words and made fortune tellers to aid revision.

Science experimented with Mass and Speed with Year 9. They tested how mass affects the speed of a zip line and how the diameter of a cone affect the speed it falls.

Year 10s completing the coursework on Speeches and strengthened their written work with statistical facts taken from surveys that they conducted.

Overall, we have had a creative, productive and enjoyable time during Maths Party Morning at The Academy of St Francis of Assisi and are looking to next year already!