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Liverpool Writing Quality Mark

Our students and staff are celebrating after being awarded the gold standard Liverpool Writing Quality Mark.

The Liverpool Writing Quality Mark has been devised by School Improvement Liverpool to help schools promote the importance of writing to students and ensuring there is an excellent standard throughout the year groups.

In order to achieve the top writing quality mark, ASFA had to evidence good practice taking place across the school in all subjects and demonstrate how they promote writing with students.

The quality mark focusses on writing but other aspects of literacy were also inspected as it is difficult to separate reading, writing and oracy as they are interlinked. The assessor looked at a range of evidence and enjoyed a tour of the school, going into lessons, listening to students and visiting the library.

What particularly impressed the assessor, and helped the Kensington academy achieve gold, was the diverse range of opportunities our students have to develop their writing and literacy skills.

This includes students’ involvement in Debate Mate and reflects the dedication from Miss Hussain, teacher of RE, who recently won the Debate Mate Most Committed Teacher prize at the annual Debate Mate Awards.

In addition, exercise books were on display which demonstrated the pride students take in their work and how the curriculum is designed to stretch and challenge students of all abilities.

However, the real jewel in the crown were the students themselves who met with the assessor to tell her about their experiences as students of The Academy of St Francis of Assisi. With great enthusiasm, they explained how literacy is now embedded in every subject and how they felt their own skills had developed as a result.
Tracey Greenough, headteacher at The Academy of St Francis of Assisi, said: “We’re absolutely thrilled to be awarded the gold standard Liverpool Writing Quality Mark.

“We are proud to showcase how we use writing across the whole curriculum. From analysing work in ICT, writing compelling speeches in Issues and Beliefs, creative work in English or producing revision guides in Maths. The award shows the high standard of work we do at our Academy and the high expectations we set for ourselves.

“Both staff and students should be very proud of this achievement.”