Students have 5 lessons over every fortnight with 50% practical work. Students are expected to carry out a wide range of  20 cookery skills which are practiced through making a variety of sweet and savoury dishes. Theory lessons are designed to build student knowledge around nutrition and food science and to encourage a deeper understanding of the ingredients being used.  

Year  Term   Topic  Type Of Assessment  Assessment Window 
10  Autumn  Commodities  End of Unit Test  23rd – 27th October 
Diet and Good Health  
Spring  Diet and Good Health  End of Unit Test  20th- 27th March 
Food Science  Mock Exam 
Summer  Food Science  End of Unit Test  1st – 5th July  
Preparing for NEA 1 & 2  Mock NEA 
11  Autumn  NEA 1 – The Food Investigation   NEA   14th 18th October 
NEA 2 – The Food Preparation Assessment  
Spring  NEA 2 – The Food Preparation Assessment  NEA  7th – 10th February 
End of Unit Test 
Summer  Revision   Written Exam