In Creative iMedia, gives students the opportunity to express their digital artistic side, encouraging creativity and developing skills and tools associated with industry standard software. This qualification allows students to express their digital media ideas visually through digital graphics, moving images or by using sound. In addition, this qualification also allows students to learn how to develop visual identities for clients and be able to apply the concepts of digital graphics which can incorporate their identity to engage a target audience and meet a client brief.  

Year  Term   Topic  Type Of Assessment  Assessment Window 
10 Autumn R094 Visual Identity Theory Acquisition   Knowledge Quiz  W/B – 17th October 2022 
R094 Visual Identity NEA   Exam Board Set NEA (15 hours)   December 2022 
Spring R093 (1.1-1.2) Media Industry Products and Jobs   Media Sectors and Products Assessment   W/B – 23rd January 2023 
R093 (2.2-2.3) Client Requirements and Audience Demographics   Case Study Analysis Assessment   W/B – 6th February 2023  
Summer R093 (2.4-2.5) Research Methods and Media Codes  Mid-Point Assessment   W/B – 24th April 2023 
Case Study Analysis   W/B – 22nd May 2023 
R093 (3.4) Legal Considerations   End of Topic Assessment   W/B – 3rd July 2023 
11 Autumn R087 Interactive Multimedia Theory Acquisition   Knowledge Quiz   W/B – 17th October 2022 
R087 Interactive Multimedia NEA   Exam Board Set NEA (15 hours)  December 2022 
Spring R081 (LO1) Purpose and Content of Pre-Production   Terminology Quiz   W/B – 23rdJanuary 2023 
Mid-Point Assessment   W/B – 6th February 2023 
R081 (LO2) Pre-Production Document Planning   End of Topic Assessment   W/B – 27th March 2023 
Summer R081 (LO3) Production and Reviewing of Pre-Production Documentation   Knowledge Retrieval   W/B – 24th April 2023 
Mid-Point Mock Assessment – Full Paper  W/B – 8th May 2023 
R081 Pre-Production Skills   External Exam (1 hour 15 minutes – 60 Marks)  Monday 12th June 2023 (PM)