Music is both a practical and academic subject at KS3. Musical learning is about thinking and acting musically. This means that music lessons at KS3  are about learning in and through music, not solely about music. Pupils study a wide range of genres including Western Traditional Classical Music and World Music- the purpose of which is for them to develop an appreciation &love of ALL music and be prepared for Music GCSE. 

Music lessons in school will be focussed on developing imagination and creativity, building up pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding. Assessment of musical learning is rooted in the reality of musical activity that the young people undertake. Consequently, assessment is based on the musical attainment they have evidenced in a range of learning activities in which they have been singing, playing, performing, improvising, composing, and critically engaging with music. Progress is made over time, and evidence from ongoing musical assessments is used to show this.

Key Stage 3 Music

Year  Term   Topic  Type Of Assessment  Assessment Window 
Autumn  Keyboard Skills &Ensemble Skills  Solo & Performance assessment to Teacher  5th-16th December 
Spring  The Orchestra & Programme Music  Listening Exam (in class)  6-10th February 
Sumer  Musical Futures & Scales and Tonality  Performance Assessment  22-26 May 
Composition Assessment of Scales & Tonality by Teacher  10-14 July 
Autumn  Bass Lines & Pop Music Secrets  Solo & Ensemble Performance assessment to Teacher  5-16Th December 
Spring  Composition Assessment   6-10th February 
Song Writing & Musical Futures 
Summer  Music For Films (Soundtracks)  Listening Exam (formal assessment)  22-26 May 
Performances to class (informal)  10-14 July 
Autumn  Ostinatos, Hooks & Riffs  Performance Assessment to Teacher  5-16Th December 
Reggae  Listening Assessment Exam (in class)  5-16th December 
Spring   Dance Music   Composition Assessment marked by Teacher  22-26 May 
Summer  Samba Sounds  Performance Assessment