Our KS3 topics give students an inspiring, engaging and challenging curriculum. There is a diverse range of content which students are encouraged to think about the big picture, and their role as a responsible citizen in the wider world. There are three thematically-based topics for each year at key stage 3, constructed from some of the key concepts our passionate department identified from years of study in geography. These topics are sequenced to develop an understanding of the different perspectives of geography, from local, national, to international, and how all of these scales interconnect through the processes of physical and human geography.

Year  Term   Topic  Type Of Assessment  Assessment Window 
Autumn  What is a Geographer, and Geology  Extended Writing on Merseyside Geology  WB 3rd October 
End of Unit Test  WB 21st November 
Spring  Major Migration  Extended Writing on the Importance of Migration  WB 23rd January 
End of Unit Test  WB 6th February 
Summer  Terrestrial Transformations, and What is a Geographer  Extended Writing on Management of Coastal and Glacial Landscapes  WB 17th April 
End of Year Exam  WB 15th May 
Autumn  Total Tourism  Extended Writing on the Impacts of Tourism in Bali  WB 3rd October 
End of Unit Test  WB 14th November 
Spring  Atrocious Atmosphere  Extended Writing on Extreme Weather in the Wider World  WB 19th December 
End of Unit Test  WB 23rd January 
Summer  Essential Solar  Extended Writing on the Sun’s Energy in the Middle East  WB 20th March 
End of Year Exam  WB 22nd May 
Autumn  Interdependent World  Extended Writing on Ocean Interdependence  WB 3rd October 
End of Unit Test  WB 14th November 
Spring  Exploitation and Emerging Economies  Extended Writing on the Development of East Africa  WB 4th January 
End of Unit Test  WB 23rd January 
Summer  The World’s Water  Extended Writing on Increasing Water Supply in Lesotho  WB 27th February 

Year 11 Booster Information

Year 11 Boosters start on Monday 13th November. Please click the link below for the full timetable of session.

Year 11 Booster Timetable