Welcome to
The Academy of
St Francis of Assisi

Our Christian values are Pride, Ambition, Respect, Peace & Reconciliation and Happiness

Striving to achieve success for all

Encouraging all learners to aim high and fulfil their dreams

Striving to achieve success for all

Our Christian values comprise pride, ambition, respect, peace, reconciliation and happiness

Every member of our community deserves success


It gives me great pleasure to introduce myself as the Headteacher of this unique, diverse and vibrant Academy.  At the Academy of St Francis of Assisi we pride ourselves on our strong vision of ‘Success for All’.  Every member of our community deserves success and it is our mission to ensure that everyone achieves it.

I feel deeply privileged to be the Headteacher of an Academy which has an absolute commitment to its Christian values of Pride, Ambition, Respect, Peace, Reconciliation and Happiness.  Here at our Academy you can feel the passion and energy that radiates from us as we commit to ensuring that this is a thriving and harmonious environment in which to learn.

We encourage all our learners to aim high to fulfil their dreams and our goal is for all our students to be well rounded, confident and respectful individuals.  Our community spirit is strong, we learn from and value each other.  We strive at all times to achieve ‘Success for All’.

Mrs J Leech

The Academy of St Francis of Assisi - head teacher Ms Jo Leech

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Peace & Reconciliation


An amazing experience for our Y11 students. Fantastic cast and venue - Ralph come visit us at our Academy! We loved it and it was such a special experience for our students. Thank you to those special people who helped source our tickets 🎟️💙🙏 @UnderbellyEnt @Macbeth_theshow

On Friday we celebrated the wonderful diversity of our school with Culture Day. Our leadership team give a superb introduction to this amazing event and our fantastic Assisi family full of difference and joy. Peace be with you. 💙🫶

Our very wonderful Prashanth has worked with our Chaplain to explain why Diwali is such as special time 👏🏼 Happy Diwali to all our school family and those in our community. We hope you have a blessed, healthy and prosperous Diwali. 🪔#diwali #festivaloflights

Recap: "At present, the prospect of the Ofsted call dominates leadership. It’s a weekly ritual of waiting with bated breath, then breathing a sigh of relief when it doesn’t come. It hangs over leaders like the sword of Damocles": my @ASCL_UK blog: https://t.co/d0hc9NBsUo

May they rest in peace. This week’s assemblies have commemorated all our servicemen and women. We have discussed the Unknown Warrior and prayed for peace together. #ambition #pride #respect

Important discussion for our Headteacher to join to try to shape educational policy for all schools who offer sanctuary

Fantastic to see Ms Jo Leech from @academy_assisi sharing insight into how the academy works tirelessly to improve refugee and asylum-seeking pupils’ wellbeing and outcomes.

At ASMAT, we ensure everyone is valued for who they are, and aim to break down any barriers in education.

We’ve opened our ‘Francis’ Foodbank thinking about love, compassion and respect. If you need any support come and see us. Our wonderful staff and Chaplain collected apples from our orchard with some of our boys to gift to our friends at the Hope Church community food bank. 🫶

"All Things Are Passing": St. Teresa of Avila's Powerful Prayer for Peace in Times of Distress

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