Teaching staff Ms E. de Sá Braz (Subject Leader)
Mrs A. Hawley
Yr7 French What I like
My school
My hobbies
Where I live
Yr7 Spanish My life
My free time
My school
Mi family and friends
My city
Yr8 Spanish My holidays
All about my life
At the restaurant
Going out
Holidays in Spain
Yr9 Spanish Things that I like
World of work
Healthy living
Young people’s rights & The environment
A visit to Madrid
Holidays (yr10 book)
Yr10 Spanish People & socialising
Interests & influences
Yr11 Spanish Customs
A Better World
You will be assessed by Listening; reading; speaking; writing exam
Each exam is worth 25% of total mark
Exams to be taken at the end of year 11
Extra-curricular activities Homework Club in C5 on Wednesday, lunchtime.
After school Boosters
Trips abroad
Homework A minimum of one piece of homework per fortnight
Examination board Eduqas GCSE Spanish and GCSE French