At The Academy of St Francis of Assisi we work very hard to support the children in our partner primaries, making the move from Year 6 to Year 7 a happy and stress-free experience.
We are a school for students of all faiths and none, we have an intake of 180 students annually. The Academy has agreed to follow the coordinated admission arrangements determined by Liverpool City Council.

Click HERE to apply for September 2022

All new students at our Academy are given a full school uniform as a welcome gift.
We have a member of staff who looks after all admissions and transitional students.
To discuss sending your child to our Academy please ring 0151 260 7600 for more information.

In year admissions

If you are hoping to move your child from one secondary school to another within Liverpool please contact your child’s existing school to instigate an in year transfer.  If your child is new to the city and you’d like them to transfer from a school in another authority to a school in Liverpool, please apply online via the Liverpool City Council Website.

You will also need to fill in a Supplementary Form CLICK HERE to access it.

Additional Links

Please follow the links below for all the information you need:

On a Successful Application

Once you have received notification from the LEA stating your application has been successful please call the Academy to confirm your child’s place.  In a couple of weeks, you and your child will then be invited to the Academy where you will meet with key members of our team and learn more about the school community and what to expect from The Academy of St Francis of Assisi.

If your child does not have a place at The Academy of St Francis of Assisi and you would like advice on what to do next please contact: Mr C O’Doherty, Administration Officer at or on 0151 260 7600 or alternatively contact Liverpool Admissions Team – 0151 233 3006 for general admissions enquiries.


Tours of Our Academy for New Intake

If you wish to have a tour of our academy please ring 0151 260 7600 for more information.

September 2022 Intake

In July we will hold a ‘Welcome Day’ for all students who have gained a place in our Year 7 cohort.

They will be invited to spend a day at The Academy of St Francis of Assisi to experience school life and start to familiarise themselves with the Academy.

Links With Primary Schools

The Academy works exceptionally close with primary schools to ensure that the very best possible arrangements are made for the children who transfer to us.

If your school would like to have links with the Academy then please contact Mr C O’Doherty on 0151 260 7600.