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Staff Book Of The Week

Mr Jones – Design Manager

The Universe Versus Alex Woods – Gavin Extence

When and where did you read this book?
I read this book  about 5 years ago. I generally read before I go to sleep. Quite often i fall asleep after a few pages, this book was so good I was going to bed earlier and earlier just to read it.
How many times have you read it?
Only once. I’m not very good at re-reading books. I can only think of two, possibly three, books that I’ve read more than once.
Who or what introduced you to this book?
I think it came up on Amazon as a “if you’ve enjoyed this book – try this” suggestion, probably after buying “The Shock Of The Fall” by Nathan Filer.
Can you give a brief outline of the book?
It’s set in and around Glastonbury and is about a friendship between a teenager and an older, American, man. They don’t always see eye to eye and this is the story of how they help each other reconcile their differences. It’s very funny and the style of writing is fabulous.
What made you choose this as your favourite book?
I like the main character in the book. It’s never mentioned but I’m sure he’s partially on the autistic spectrum and I’m fascinated by the subject. Plus it just sticks out in my memory as a book I’ve really enjoyed reading.
Are there any other books by the author you would recommend?
“The Mirror World Of Melody Black” is almost as good, if not better in places. However, I enjoyed “Alex Woods” just a little bit more.
What other books did you consider before choosing this one?
“A Man Called Ove” by Fredrik Backman which is about a Swedish man who is desperately lonely and trying to commit suicide after the death of his wife. The book is the tale about how life won’t let him give up, interwoven with the story of his life. It is absolutely heartwarming and, despite the initial bleak situations, incredibly funny.
What book(s) are you currently reading? 
I’ve listened to a lot of audiobooks since lockdown and I’ve just finished listening to The Vinyl Detective series by Andrew Cartman. I’m currently listening to some new Sherlock Holmes stories written in homage to Conan Doyle.