Trust CEO

Mr D. Clayton

Trust Employees

Mrs S. Riley – (Trust Director of SEND)
Mrs C. McGoohan – (Trust Executive Officer)
Mr J. Halstead – (Trust Finance Manager)
Mr I. Gladden – (Trust MIS Manager)
Mr G. Jones – (Trust Premises Manager)
Miss S. Howe – (Trust Finance Officer)
Mrs C Swarbrick – (Trust Careers and Employability Manager)

Senior Leadership Team


Mrs T Greenough – Headteacher

Mrs G Cousineau – Deputy Headteacher

Miss K Sedgwick – Assistant Headteacher

Mrs A St John  – Senior Assistant Headteacher

Directors of Progress

Directors of Progress

Mr D Lavelle
Mrs F Harrison-Marks
Mr I Hepke
Mr M Loughnane
Mrs C Onslow
Miss A Reeves
Mrs J Thompson
Mrs T Welsh – Safeguarding Lead

Heads of Year

Mrs J Jones /Mrs L Mitchell – Year 7
Mrs S McKechnie – Year 8
Mr M Schofield  – Year 9
Miss C Williams – Year 10
Mr G Docherty – Year 11

Teaching Staff

Name Subject
Miss Kate Allen …… Subject Leader Humanities
Ms Jennifer Avery …… Teacher of English Lead on KS3
Ms Laura Boden …… Teacher of ICT
Mrs Emma Booth …… Teacher of English
Mr Jay Bradley …… Subject Leader of Music
Mr Andrew Bunting …… Head of Science
Ms Alison Carlile …… Teacher of Science Lead on KS3
Mr Alan Chadwick …… Subject Leader of PE
Mr George Clegg …… Teacher of Geography
Ms Elisabete De Sa Braz …… Subject Leader MFL
Mr Michael Egan …… Teacher of English
Miss Hannah Eley-Baylon …… Teacher of Science – Lead on AMA
Mr Daniel Fox …… Subject Leader of RE
Mrs Gemma Gavin …… Numeracy Co-ordinator / Teacher of Maths
Ms Sarah Green …… Teacher of PE
Mrs Jess Haig …… Subject Leader of ICT
Mrs Andrea Hawley …… Teacher of MFL
Mr Chris Hayden …… Teacher of Maths
Miss Suaad Hussain …… Teacher of RE
Miss Polly Johnson …… Teacher of PE
Mr Paul Lavin …… Teacher of DT/Construction
Mr Martin Maguire …… Teacher of RE
Mr Ruan Malone …… Teacher of English
Ms Deborah McEntee …… Teacher of ICT
Miss Kellie McLoughlin …… Teacher of Science
Ms Emma Morgan Subject …… Leader of English
Miss Charlotte Newall …… Teacher of English / Cover Supervisor
Mrs Nicola Ousey …… Subject Leader of Drama
Miss Emily Peters …… Teacher of Science
Mrs Paula Poole …… Teacher of Maths Lead on KS3
Mrs Laura Riley …… Assistant SENCO
Mr Jack Roberts …… Teacher of Maths
Mrs Diane Roscetti …… Teacher of History
Mr Steven Rotheram …… Teacher of Maths
Mrs Lauri Thompson …… Subject Leader of Design Technology
Miss Emma Unwin …… Teacher of Science
Mrs Krista Walsh …… Teacher of Maths Lead on KS4
Mrs Sarah Wyatt …… Subject Leader of Art

Support Staff

Support Staff

Mr Michael SchofieldHead of Year 9

PA to the Head of School
 Nadia Wozny
Phil Johnson
Learning Support
Mrs Dawn Melia Reconciliation Centre Manager
Mrs Louise Mitchell Behaviour Support Co-ordinator/Head of Year 7
Mrs Dawn Defferd Learning Support Co-ordinator
Mrs Amanda Gamble Language Acquisition Co-ordinator
Mrs Felicity Doran Learning Support Assistant
Miss Mirelle McDonough Learning Support Assistant
Mr Eddie O’Hagan Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Julie Reid Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Lynda Scott KS4 Support Assistant
Pastoral / Attendance
Mrs Joanne Jones Head of Year 7
Mrs Sandra McKechnie Head of Year 8
Mr Michael Schofield Head of Year 9
Miss Christine Williams Head of Year 10
Mr Gary Docherty Head of Year 11
Ms Helen Williams Attendance Officer
Miss Caroline Swarbrick Trust Careers and Employability Manager
Cover Supervisors
Mrs Helen Thornber Cover Supervisor
Mr Mark Dosunmu Cover Supervisor
Department Support
Vacancy Senior Science Technician
Mr James Mitchell Senior Technology Technician
Mis Carol Kanat Food Technician
Miss Nira Plaza Coca Foreign Language Assistant
Miss Manon Potel Foreign Language Assistant
Mr Thomas Gallagher PE Technician
Mrs Diane Rowson Clerical Assistant / Reception
Miss Lydia Reid Clerical Assistant / Reception
Miss Melissa Broda Office Supervisor
Miss Bethen Phizacklea Clerical Assistant / Student Services (Apprentice)
Mr John Halstead Trust Head of Finance
Mrs Flo Arrowsmith Finance Officer
Human Resources
Mrs Julie Bedson HR & Payroll Officer / PA to Trust Director
Mrs Nadia Cohen HR Assistant
ICT Technical Supportt
Mr Gareth M Jones Communications Manager
Mr Neil Young ICT Technician
Mr Chris Pilling ICT Technician
Mr Josh Crickson ICT Technician (Apprentice)
Strategic Data & Exams
Mr Ian Gladden MIS Manager
Miss Catherine Clark Exams Officer
Mr Gareth Jones Trust Head of Facilities Management
Mr Gary Rose Premises Manager
Mr Colin Flood Premises Assistant
Mr Hayden McHugh Premises Assistant
Mrs Karen Lee Catering Manager
Mrs Brenda Willis Assistant Catering Manager
Mrs Mary Johnston Catering Assistant
Mrs Jacqui Lamb Catering Assistant
Mrs Laura Ly Catering Assistant
Miss Sophia Paterman Catering Assistant
Mrs Janet Rushton Catering Assistant
Mrs Julie Seymour Catering Assistant
Mrs Elaine Smith Catering Assistant