Academy Uniform
All students at the Academy are expected to dress neatly and take pride in their appearance.
Students are expected to wear the complete Academy uniform.Students who arrive at the Academy in incorrect uniform will be dealt with in accordance with the Academy behaviour policy.


Jumper (optional)
White Shirt
Academy Tie
Black Trousers
Black Shoes


Jumper (optional)
White Blouse
Academy Tie
Kilt/Black Trousers
Black Shoes
Blue Socks/Tights

Uniform can be purchased from Lisa’s Schoolwear
(Please contact Lisa’s Schoolwear by telephone to confirm that your required item of uniform is in stock)Footwear: Plain, low-heeled black shoes; leather or leather look. Canvas plimsoll, boots, trainers, backless or open toed footwear must NOT be worn.Jewellery: On health and safety ground we do not allow students to wear jewellery in our Academy. The exceptions to this rule are: a watch, a single ear-ring stud may be worn in each pierced ear, no other piercings are permitted, small objects of religious significance.We may ask the student to either remove these objects or cover them with a plaster (provided by the parent), to prevent them from causing injury in specific circumstances such as PE lessons.Hair: Hair should be neat and tidy and worn with no extremes of style or colour nor braided or beaded. No hair products such as gel, mousse or dye are to be worn. Any hair accessories such as clips, slides or headbands should be in a colour to complement the general uniform (black, grey or purple). Long hair should be tied back to practical lessons.

Headwear: Headwear will only be allowed on religious and cultural grounds and should be of a colour to complement the Academy uniform.


*Free uniform items include: Academy blazer, tie and trousers/skirt.