Teaching Staff Ms Allen

Ms Roscetti

Year 7 students will study Historical Skills

The Roman Empire

1066 and all that

Medieval Life

Year 8 students will study Black Peoples of the Americas

Jack the Ripper: Life in Victorian London

Dying for the Vote: The women’s suffrage movement


Year 9 students will study The USA 1910 – 1929

Germany 1919 – 1990

Year 10 students will study Elizabeth I

Crime and Punishment Through Time

Year 11 students will study Revision skills and exam preparation based on all GCSE units
You will be assessed by Exam questions that mirror the Eduqas GCSE exam paper.
Extra-curricular opportunities Berlin Enrichment Trip

Battlefields Trip (for 2 students)

Letters from Auschwitz trip (for 2 students)

History Homework Drop In Club

Examination board Eduqas