Teaching Staff

Miss E Boylan (Subject Leader)

Mrs C Pugh (Assistant Subject Leader)

Mr J Drane

Miss L Donnahey

Miss H Baylon

Mr P Bateson

Year 7 and 8 students will spend 6 lessons per fortnight studying the following topics:

Investigation Skills

Particles and Solutions

Cells, Organs and Tissues

Forces and Motion

Acids and Chemical Reactions


Heating and Energy

Interdependance and Adaptation

Light and Waves

Inheritance and Variation


Atoms, Elements and Compounds

Sound and Hearing

Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis

The Rock Cycle

Electricity and Magnetism


Pressure and Moments

You will be assessed at KS3 by

Baseline exam at the start of Year 7

Exam questions during every lesson

End of topic tests

End of Year 7 exam

End of KS3 SATS exam at the end of Year 8


At KS3 – Once per week taking the format of either exam question practice, research, spellings or a creative project

Examination board





Teaching Staff

Miss E. Boylan (Subject Leader)

Mrs C. Pugh (Assistant Subject Leader)

Mr J. Drane

Miss H. Baylon

Year 9 students will study


Key concepts in biology

Topic 2 – Cells and control

Topic 3 – Genetics


Topic 1 – Key concepts in chemistry

Topic 2 – States of matter and mixtures

Topic 3 –Chemical changes


Topic 1 – Key concepts of physics

Topic 2 – Motion and forces

Topic 3 – Conservation of Energy

Topic 4 – Waves

Topic 5 – Light and the electromagnetic spectrum

Topic 6 –Radioactivity

Year 10 students will study


Topic 4 Natural selection and genetic modification

Topic 5 – Health, disease and the development of medicines

Topic 6 – Plant structures and their functions



Topic 1 – Key concepts in chemistry

Topic 6 – Groups in the periodic table



Topic 1 – Key concepts of physics

Topic 8 – Energy - Forces doing work

Topic 9 – Forces and their effects


Year 11 students will study


Topic 7 Animal coordination, control and homeostasis

Topic 8 – Exchange and transport in Animals

Topic 9 – Ecosystems and material cycles



Topic 7 –Rates of reaction and energy changes

Topic 8 – Fuels and Earth science



Topic 10 – Electricity and circuits

Topic 12 – Magnetism and the motor Effect

Topic 13 – Electromagnetic induction

Topic 14 – Particle model

Topic 15 – Forces and matter

You will be assessed by

Combined Science

6 exams 1 hour 10 minute exams (2 Biology, 2 Chemistry and 2 Physics)


Triple Science

6 exams 1 hour 45 minute exams (2 Biology, 2 Chemistry and 2 Physics)


Extra-curricular opportunities

STEM club (year 7 and 8)

Boosters (year 11)

Enrichment activities (Zoolab, birds of prey, STEM challenge days, University trips)

Examination board


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