Teaching staff

Ms E. de Sá Braz (Subject Leader)

Mrs A. Hawley


Yr7 French







What I like

My school

My hobbies

Where I live


Yr7 Spanish

My life

My free time

My school

Mi family and friends

My city


Yr8 Spanish

My holidays

All about my life

At the restaurant

Going out

Holidays in Spain


Yr9 Spanish

Things that I like

World of work

Healthy living

Young people’s rights & The environment

A visit to Madrid

Holidays (yr10 book)


Yr10 Spanish

People & socialising

Interests & influences



Yr11 Spanish



A better world


You will be assessed by

Listening; reading; speaking; writing exam

Each exam is worth 25% of total mark

Exams to be taken at the end of year 11

Extra-curricular activities

Homework Club in C5 on Wednesday, lunchtime.

After school Boosters

Trips abroad


A minimum of one piece of homework per fortnight

Examination board


Connect with us

The Academy of St Francis of Assisi

Gardners Drive


L6 7UR

Tel: 0151 260 7600

Email: info@asfaonline.org

How to find us



Return to school 30th October

Half Term is: Friday 20th October until Sunday 29th October.

The academy will reopen on Monday 30th October at 07:50am.

Unless it is called off at the last minute, there will be an Arriva bus strike on Monday 30th October.

No Arriva buses will be running.

Please make arrangements so that your child arrives to school by 08:40am.