Teaching Staff Mrs S Wyatt (Subject Leader)

Mrs A St John

Year 7 students will study Introduction to the formal elements within Art – tone, texture, pattern, form, line and colour.

Natural forms to using observational drawings skills and applying formal element in the style of artists.

Architectural project looking at texture and line.

Portraits- facial features, mapping rules, proportion, and artist’s influences.

Year 8 students will study Recap on formal elements, mark making and pattern using cultural influence of Islamic and polish culture.

Natural forms focusing on observational drawing and painting techniques.

Day of the dead project

Year 9 students will study Mark making and more specialist techniques to develop formal elements.

GCSE students complete a project based on the theme ‘changes’ starting with architecture as a context.

Year 10 students will study Students continue to develop their portfolio of work based on the theme changes. Students complete a series of mini projects to communicate their own interpretation of the theme.
Year 11 students will study Complete portfolio of art work on the changes theme.

Complete prep work for exam set by the exam board and complete 10 hour exam.

You will be assessed by KS3 – sketchbook work, final pieces, assessment pieces, homework.

KS4 – GCSE Fine Art

ü  Coursework portfolio (60% of overall grade).

ü  Externally set exam 10 hour exam (40% of overall grade).

Extra-curricular opportunities Key Stage 4 boosters on Wednesday’s after-school.

Lunchtime –boosters for KS4

Art competitions

KS3 – Thursday art club

Homework KS3 –Art work booklet/tasks/research(Half-termly)

KS4 – Attend boosters/research and continuation of class work.

Examination board AQA