The importance of Attendance

Nationally, there is a strong statistical correlation between attendance and progress.  Students with attendance at or above government expectations make considerably more progress in examinations including GCSE & A-Level.

Every day missed means that students have less chance of achieving their full potential. Government research suggests that if a student misses 17 days during the course of the year they will drop at least 1 GCSE grade in each subject (that means if attendance is 91% or below for the year). All students whose attendance is 90% or below are on the Government’s Persistent Absence list.

High levels of attainment and progress are proven to boost employment prospects, broaden horizons for young people and significantly increase their life chances.  The government expects students to have a minimum of 95% attendance.  As an Academy, we are striving to exceed this figure and are working towards an in-school target of 97% for our students.

 Below is the current National Average for each year group. Please look at this and see how your child compares to their peers across the country.


National Average












All students are expected to attend school every day on time.  As part of the ‘Family and School Partnership Agreement’ we ask that you as parents/carers support your child in achieving their expected progress by ensuring they attend school every day, on time.

Recognising outstanding Attendance:

Student attendance is celebrated weekly at year group assemblies and half termly at whole school assemblies.  All students have the opportunity to receive a unique ‘Head of School Award’, certificates or  either a gold, silver, bronze star pin.

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Return to school 30th October

Half Term is: Friday 20th October until Sunday 29th October.

The academy will reopen on Monday 30th October at 07:50am.

Unless it is called off at the last minute, there will be an Arriva bus strike on Monday 30th October.

No Arriva buses will be running.

Please make arrangements so that your child arrives to school by 08:40am.