The Academy aims to provide all of its students with the opportunity to further their development after school. Every student is encouraged to attend one academic and one social extra curricular club each week. Students have the opportunity to join a range of sporting clubs and represent the Academy competitively. Drama and music groups run throughout the year with shows and performances being delivered by Academy students. Our Art Department also runs a KS3 club and a KS4 GSCE Art coursework club.

Further social activities include a film club, a photography club, cooking classes and the opportunity to perform on our very own Academy Radio station. Parents have the opportunity to sample and experience the students’ work at numerous events hosted by the Academy each year, including the Newsham Park Festival, the Christmas Show, the Academy Sports Day and our Banquet evenings – all of which are always hugely successful. We offer study groups for every subject to support students with their homework, coursework and exam preparation. Furthermore, before the exam season begins our teaching staff host a revision evening to offer helpful advice and study strategies to Year 11 students and their parents.

When the timetable for the After School Clubs 2015 – 2016 is confirmed it will appear on this page. There will be lots to look out for. Mrs Ardrey runs a knitting group and a comic group (click HERE to see the report of the Comic Club trip to “Comic Con 2015” in Manchester) the PE department will be setting up afterschool activities. Remeber to check back on this page during the first few weeks of term.