GCE & GCSE External Examinations

These will take place between Friday 5th May and Tuesday 27th June 2017

Click the links below to view the Academy of St Francis of Assisi’s examination guides


Click the links below to view the JCQ’s, the Joint Council for Qualifications guides


Exam results are released throughout the year following each exam series:

May/June exams – results days are in August (GCE : 17th August 2017 and GCSE : 24th August 2017)

If you are collecting results on behalf of a student, you must fill out the Authorisation for Results Collection form.


Enquiries About Results (EAR).

When results are released the Exam Boards allow a few weeks for students or teachers to make ‘Enquiries About Results.’  These include requesting scripts back or a review of marking, for example. These post-results services incur a charge which students usually have to cover.



Certificates are issued when a GCSE, GCE, BTEC or National course has been completed in full. Certificates are not issued where a ‘U’ grade is awarded. Each Exam Board issues their own certificates once all EARs have been completed, which is usually a couple of months after the results day. We are only legally obliged to hold these certificates for 12 months.  Students will need these for any courses/employment so must collect from school.  If certificates are lost it is the student’s responsibility to request replacement documents directly from the Exam Board, for which there is a charge of @£40 per certificate.


Who to seek help from on examination matters:

At The Academy of St Francis of Assisi, the examination officer is Mr J Forster.
email forsterj@asfaonline.org or phone (0151) 260 7600

Have a look at our revision page HERE for some useful advice on revision techniques.

Check out our What if’s page if you are unwell or delayed on the day of an exam.